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Open Trench Excavation: Why We May Have to Do It

A common and traditional form of side sewer replacement or repair is utilizing the open trench excavation method. This method consists of excavating a trench to allow access to collapsed, broken, or heavily root blocked pipes. The open trench allows for easy assess to the damage for repair. On average though this method is more costly than other trenchless methods that we offer, and results in more disruption to property. At Pipelining Northwest we work to provide the least disruptive and most cost effective methods to our clients. However, sometimes trenchless methods are not appropriate for the issue, and open trench excavation is the only option for repair.

A few reasons where open trench excavation is necessary are if a new sewer pipe cannot be pulled through, the area is surrounded by dangerous utilities, or the current engineering and design is flawed. A good contractor knows when an open trench excavation is the best solution for the project and at Pipelining Northwest, we will walk you through “why you need it” and the impact that it might have on your budget. We are a trusted sewer contractor with a team of competent professionals that are prepared to help you through and process and make those tough decisions with the utmost confidence.

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