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What is a Sewer Lateral Inspection? 

A sewer lateral is the pipe that connects a home or business’ plumbing to the city sanitary sewer system. The sewer lateral is owned by the property owner, and often maintenance is neglected, often times due to questions regarding ownership or simply because of the “out of site, out of mind” logic. Neglecting maintenance can lead to serious complications. A sewer lateral inspection is completed with a specialized camera, and ideally, prior to the purchase of the property to help you identify potential future complications and the condition of the pipe.  

Sewer laterals may be made from clay, cast iron, or high-density polyethylene (used commonly today for its durability and low cost). All types of pipe present different risks depending on the age and material used. Additionally, external factors, such as trees and plants with strong roots can play a role in the destruction of pipe, often remaining unknown to the homeowner until a problem, such as a sewer back-up, presents. While lateral inspections have long been overlooked, they are gradually becoming more commonplace, specifically as the posed risks and high cost of repair become more apparent. Routine inspections should be a part of preventative maintenance and can help you identify problem areas before they turn into property damage. 

Start out right with an inspection of your sewer line. Get ahead of the game and know now how your system is functioning. We can help you identify issues with your line through a camera inspection. We perform camera inspections for 2 inch to 8 inch lines, for both real estate buyers and sellers, for storm, sewer, septic lines as well as roof vents. You can rest assure you will get an unbiased, honest report, with our recommendations. The final product is a thumb drive video of the line and a detailed report, upon request. 

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