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Safe and Disruption-Free Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipes without the need for a traditional construction trench. "Launching and receiving pits" replace the trench needed in conventional pipe repair and replacement. A hydraulic expansion or static pull is inserted into the pipe through the “launch” hole. It then fractures the pipe and displaces the fragments outwards, while a new pipe is drawn in to replace the old pipe. At the same time, a new pipe is pulled or pushed in behind the bursting head. Typically, High Density Polyethylene is utilized for the new pipe in the pipe bursting process. Thie new pipe will be water tight and air tight.   

This method has been proven to be far safer and less disruptive to our customers and their property. There is a minimum amount of excavation required, pavement and concrete replacement is often reduced, and a jointless pipe is used, which reduces root and water infiltration. Additionally, you can increase the diameter of the pipe by replacing small pipes with larger ones. Immediate surroundings and day-to-day activities are barely affected as compared to other traditional techniques and procedures. A few disadvantages to pipe bursting involve cost as it can be more expensive than open cut trench excavation in non‐pavement areas. Additionally, it is not applicable for collapsed, severely broken pipes, or heavy root blockages. 

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