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Plumbing Home Helpers: Removing Rust Stains

Frustrated about those rust stains on your sinks, tubs and toilets? We’ve all seen them- the rust stains streaking the bathtub, making a clean bathroom look as though it hadn’t been cleaned in years. Did you know that you should never use bleach to remove rust stains? Bleach acts as an oxidizing agent and will actually make the rust worse. Remember, just because you are not cleaning with bleach doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear gloves and safety glasses to clean.

At Pipelining Northwest we have found success in removing rust stains with the following chemicals: WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover and Evapo-Rust. Some non-chemical methods, such as pumice sticks and a baking soda/vinegar combo, are also good options, but they might require a bit more elbow grease!

It’s important to understand that rust stains are caused by high levels of iron in your water and prolonged exposure to air, which results in oxidation. Oxidation is what leaves behind the reddish-brown residue that is difficult to clean. While rust stains are not necessarily dangerous, they can cause buildup in pipelines, which often results in pipe constriction. This can be a cause for poor water pressure and damage to equipment, such as water softeners. If you are facing issues such as a reduction in water pressure, reach out to us at Pipelining Northwest for assistance resolving these issues.

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